A Marriage of His Convenience

Taylor K Scott

Emily Rothschild

Life was a game, a lark, a series of adventures that came from being blessed with my father’s favour. 

This ended on my twelfth birthday.  Everything changed from simply turning one day older; I could no longer play about with my best friend, Edmund, without setting tongues wagging. 

At eighteen, I am still just as awkward in my frills and finery.  However, I have my family, while notions of marriage feel like a lifetime away.  My big sister, Elsie, is still unmarried.  No gentleman would choose me over my perfect sister…would they?

Tobias Hardy

Duty feels like a noose around my neck, squeezing ever tighter the older I become.  I promised to continue the Hardy name for the sake of my late mother. There is but one problem, I wish to marry some insipid girl as much as I wish to converse with London’s gentry. 

Nevertheless, I will find her, fulfil my duties, then live a life separate from her.  She will have the title of a Duchess, in all its grandeur, while I shall remain free from the insufferable pageantry of society.  After all, love is but a fairy tale that should remain inside the pages of fiction.

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