The Darkness Within

What happens to those left behind after something awful happens? A high school romantic suspense.


I knew I had good people in my life, like my best friend, Matt, my gal pal, Mercy, and my big brother, Grant, a guy who had become my mother, father, and trusted older sibling all in one. But then, I also had Bowie Phillips, a boy I had unknowingly wronged at some point along the way.  I don’t know what I had said or done, but he was spiteful and always with a devil like smirk on his face. Maybe it was simply because puberty had seemed to hit my peers with a bang, while I had been left behind trying to figure out how to fit in when I clearly didn’t. 

Then something awful happened.  Something that changed everything.  Something that gave Bowie more reason to hate me.  Something everyone refused to forget. Something I had to pay the price for.


I’ve always been pin-holed as the wicked bully, the guy to fear and keep your distance from.  Middle school was hell for a kid like me. However, when I hit High School the rules changed.  As it turns out, being the bad boy with a footballer’s physique gives you the power to become king, while the good, innocent, girls, suddenly fall, becoming nothing more than peasants at my feet.  What can I say?  Karma is a bitch, but so is Amelia Thomas.  My best mate, Matt, may worship the ground she walks on, but his obsession won’t stop me from using little Milly for my own amusement.

Then something awful happened.  Something that changed everything.  Something that gave me more reason to hate Amelia Thomas.  Something I won’t let anyone forget. Something that cannot go unpunished.

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