My Best Friend

A friends-to-lovers romantic comedy!


Life is a box of chocolates!

Well, if so, mine have gone thoroughly stale.  In fact, they went on the turn over a decade ago, on the night I gave my virginity and my heart to my best friend, Henry Morgan. The very next day, the boy took everything with him to Hollywood, where he is living it up as one of the world’s most celebrated Oscar-winning actors.

I should have ditched that box ages ago. 

But I can’t.

Not while Henry still sits in there, even if only from a distance.


If life is a box of chocolates, then mine has been an awesome collection!  I’ve transformed from the nerd targeted by bullies to an Oscar-winner. 

There’s just one problem – my best friend, Persephone Hill.

At seven years old, the girl saved my life by sharing a comic and a handshake. Ever since I’ve been hopelessly devoted to her.

Back when we were closer than close, I was too afraid to tell her how I really felt.  So, friendship is where I’ve stayed.

Yes, life has been a box of chocolates, only the best flavour has been missing.

But that’s about to change. I’m finally going to claim Persephone as mine.

Available to download from Amazon (including KU) today!

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