It all began with a sex addict, a swinger’s party, and a smug American!

Actually, it began when I slipped into bed with a man who wasn’t my fiancé. A sexual pro with enough charm to break down any resistance.

However, I am a Farrington, an heiress to the family business, but only when I marry my fiancée.

Gabriel Harrison was supposed to be a distraction during a mutually agreed reprieve from my engagement. So, imagine my surprise when I find myself looking into his eyes at a swinger’s party.

Could fate be pushing me against the life for which I thought I was destined?


People see me as the protector; the loyal best friend; the man who fought for his country. But to Francesca Farrington, I was an irritant to taint her perfect holiday.

The girl was both nuts and rude. But she possessed something inexplicable, something I couldn’t ignore. After one hot night between the sheets, she left, and I moved on.

Or so I thought.

A year later, she’s standing in my house with a bowl of keys.

My demons have kept me guarded, but could fate be telling me to take a chance on this beautiful enigma?

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