Learning Italian


Who is Elise Wilde?

A strong, confident, self-assured woman driven by a clear-cut plan for her future?

Pfft! Just give me a moment to quiet the hysterical laughter currently going off inside of my head.  More like an insecure, self-deprecating, haphazard kind of a gal, meandering through life, just trying to find out who she is.

And who knew taking a trip to Italy to stay with my cousin, a Chief Inspector of police for Rome, no less, would help me to find her?

For starters, I can’t speak the language; I’m surrounded by Body Beautifuls; and I’ve somehow got mixed up in the middle of an ongoing feud between my host and a ridiculously attractive Armani Arsehole, who is also rumoured to be some sort of criminal don.  Put together with a trip to Sicily, where I meet said Arsehole’s uncle, who may, or may not, be my father, and you’ve got a hint of the twists and turns my adventures seem to have me running smack bang into! 

One thing I can guarantee you, though, is my unfailing talent for ending up in rather compromising, often humiliating, sometimes naked, situations.

Caution: contains a little raunchiness, a smidgeon of scandal, some heartache, and way too many wolfish grins!

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