A dark mystery romance!

Book3: Save Us

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Mayfield 3

Save Us

Taylor K Scott

The end is coming, but who will save us?


The end is coming.

I can feel the shadow of foreboding coming ever nearer, readying itself to end things once and for all.  And yet, there is still a slither of light, a memory of the love that was made.  My grip on that flicker of hope is fast fading, but if I lose myself completely, at least I’ll know it was for you; it was for us.

For all the promises we made to one another, some of which we had to break, know that I kept the most important one – I will forever be yours.


I’ve laid low for a higher purpose; to keep a promise I had made to Beth.  But now, the time has come to end things.  To put right the wrongs of all that has come to pass.  I will wreak my vengeance, destroy my enemy, and when justice finally wins out, I will know that I did all that I could to save us.

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