A dark mystery romance!

Book1: Save Me

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Mayfield 1

Save Me

Taylor K Scott

Once upon a time, a small town was mourning the loss of a young woman…


They say your past will eventually catch up with you, but what if it’s a past that you never even knew existed?

I never saw my own past coming for me, never imagined I would come face to face with a destiny I cannot possibly escape.  I am slowly and painfully being wrapped up more and more tightly so I cannot move, cannot escape the inevitable.  When the end of my senior year comes, my fate will bite, and I will be taken away from everything I’ve ever known and loved.

Unless he can save me.


I went through my entire life not knowing about the things I do now. Life was a series of popularity contests, with girls practically throwing themselves at me while I basked in the easiness of all that I had been blessed with.

Then I met Beth, and I fell…hard.

She pushed, but I pulled.

She hid, but I found her.

She said to live without her, but I refused to.

She’s trapped inside of something bigger than us, but I will save her.

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