The Knight

The Knight

Taylor K Scott


I never wanted to fall in love.

Love, from experience, is a toxic emotion that leads people to say and do the most awful things to one another. I should know; I grew up witnessing a kind of love that had left me hollow and too afraid to be seen out loud

I decided it would be better to walk on the safe side; to avoid love and intimacy.

However, my best friend decided enough was enough and locked me in a room with Cameron Carter, the seemingly perfect hero who is now determined to make me his.

But when he comes to learn that I am no perfect princess, that I am deeply flawed, will he fight for me, or run?


Being the oldest Carter is a privilege; I’ve always been proud of who I am.

But when it comes to love, the Carters have always put on a brave face and pretended not to see the deception, the pain, or the truth.

It is an emotion I have tried to avoid; it’s easier that way. I can be who I need to be for my family and live life without complications.

That is until my brother decided to lock me in a room with a girl I had once tried to save. My efforts had only put her in harm’s way. Now, however, she is older, and everything I’m finding hard to resist.

But when she comes to learn that I’ve kept things from her, that I am the flawed hero, will she still see me as the man who was worth trusting her heart to?

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