Willows and Waterlilies

The Gentleman’s Story


I wanted to believe in love.

But what I got was a string of failed relationships, all of which ended with me being cheated on.

Therefore, I decided to settle for a man who might not rock my world, but who would be mine and only mine.

Jonathan Beck is exactly that – hardworking, kind, and dependable. 

If only I could stop daydreaming about Mr Earle Grey, my coffee shop crush.  Tall, gorgeous, and utterly charming, he is the sort I need to keep far away from; he’s a sure recipe for heartbreak.  Nope, Jonathan is the way forward. And who knows?  Perhaps, in time, I can learn to love him.


My mother taught me to be a gentleman, to respect a woman, and treat her well.  I had watched her turn a blind eye to my father’s unfaithfulness for years; I did not want her to pretend with me. 

When I eventually did fall in love, I made sure I was nothing like my father.  Alas, the love I felt turned out to be one-sided.  Love, it seemed, was nothing but a curse for my family; I vowed to never fall again.

However, when it came to Ellie Russo, the beautiful girl from the coffee shop, my promises went out the window. Not only abstaining from love but also my intent to always be a gentleman.

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