Well, I’ve had a mixed bag of a January.  The cleaner at work asked me if I was expecting (FYI, I’m not), work has been extremely busy and now I’ve tested positive for covid – awesome! On the plus side, my next release, Gabe, is all set and ready to be released on Feb 25th.  The cover came back this week and it is amazing; my designer has done a truly brilliant job.  I’ve also received some really beautiful reviews for my other books, for which I am extremely grateful.

Now, seeing as I’m battling with a raging headache and my bed is calling to me, instead of giving you my usual rundown of monthly events, I’m going to leave an excerpt from Gabe.  Hope you enjoy!

“Well, here I was being polite when you have to go and lower the tone, Cesca,” I grin, before passing her a drink, which she downs in one go.  I watch her throat swallowing as she leans her head back to expose her beautiful, long neck.  Dear God, I hope I’m not drooling!

“Keep telling yourself that, big boy,” she mutters, then orders another lemonade from Gynni. “But you’re the one currently sporting a tent in your shorts.”

She proceeds to point her dainty finger down towards my groin where sure enough, my dick has sprung to life and decided Cesca is what he’s living for.  I shrug nonchalantly before leaning back, giving her the impression that I couldn’t give a shit when inside I’m fist-bumping the air; he lives!

“I’m going to pretend that’s your wallet, I hope you realize,” she says matter of factly, and saunters over to a sunbed that is sitting strategically underneath an umbrella so it will fully shade her from the sun.  Of course, I follow her over and take the bed next door, which conversely, is fully exposed to the punishing rays.  It comfortably warms me, being that my complexion is much better equipped to handle it.

“You should get out in the sun, Cesca, it’s beautiful!” I tell her, keeping my eyes closed and pointing up towards the heat.

“Maybe to a reptile, but for me, it burns, only to turn my skin lily white again,” she replies with a long sigh. “I’ve accepted my Anglo-Saxon heritage, much like you seem to have accepted that it’s perfectly ok to display your arousal for everyone to see.”

“Not everyone, just you,” I tell her with a wide grin. “Apologies if I find you attractive, though it does seem to be playing on your mind a lot too.”

“Fuck, dude!” I hear Chase’s taunting voice just before he and Jackson scrape back a couple of stools from the bar.  Our party of two has now become a party of four.  Plus, Gynni of course, who must think I’m a fucking deviant given that I’ve been sporting a hard-on without a care in the world. 

“Put that thing down, there might be children around!”  I hear Jackson chuckling to himself, which with Chase’s gruff tone of voice, has me dropping flaccid again.

“Tsk,” Cesca offers, “you’ve frightened him away!”

“I’m sure you could get him to come out to play again.” I turn to see her rolling her eyes. “Fancy showing me what a ‘killer’ you are?”  Jackson and Chase are now sipping on their drinks with avid fascination, while Cesca merely shrugs and continues to lie there looking unbothered by my attempts to seduce her.  Trust me, back in my hay day, it wouldn’t have taken nearly this long to have successfully charmed her underneath of me.

“Nah,” she emits with a carefree sigh, “I don’t know you very well so I would feel compelled to fake it, and I’m just not feeling that theatrical today.”

My friends, and even Gynni, erupt into fits of laughter with Chase yelling at me for just getting burned.  I continue to smile at the wicked woman lying next to me who is acting beyond laid back over the conversation at hand.

“What makes you think you would have to fake it?” I ask, ignoring the laughter all around me.

She sighs again, thinks for a moment, then turns onto her side to face me with a look that tells me she’s not going to beat about the bush because it’s just too damn hot to bother.

“Because no man has ever brought me to climax with his dick, not one!” she replies, which surprises me, but in no way puts me off.

“See, I take that as a challenge,” I argue, “trust me, princess, I could get you there.  You’ve seen I’m not packing a chipolata down there.”

“Typical,” she laughs condescendingly and turns back to face the sun again, “a man with a big dick who thinks that’s all it takes.”

“I never said that,” I laugh and follow suit, returning my eyes to face the heat of the sun, “but it helps, right?”

“Shhh,” she emits through her pouty lips, “I’m trying to relax.”

“Is me turning you on getting in the way?” I coax her.

“It takes a lot more than mentioning dicks to get me going, Mr Harrison,” she replies, which only convinces me that she is definitely something I would like to try and crack.  “But no, it’s the sound of your voice hissing in my ear that’s disturbing my relaxation.”

I laugh softly at her quip before falling into my own silence.  After a few moments of thinking about all the stuff I could do to break her dry spell, I look over at the bar to see Chase, Jackson, and even Gynni staring at the two of us, as if in waiting for the next scene to unfold.

“What?” I ask with a questioning frown.

“Well, where’s the rest?” Chase asks with a frustrated shrug of his shoulders. “You guys were totally turning me on!”

“End of scene, my friend,” I reply casually, “her bitch side has come out.  I’m fighting a losing battle.”

When I glance at her, I notice the gentle curve of her lips as she pulls them into the smallest of smiles, one that is obviously satisfied with her performance.  Meanwhile, I’m left at half-mast, but more than determined to show her what a good time I can offer before this holiday is out.

Gabe will be available to download from February 25th on Amazon and KU!  You can pre-order:


Gabe (The Darkness Within Book 2) – Kindle edition by Scott, Taylor K. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


Gabe (The Darkness Within Book 2) eBook : Scott, Taylor K: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

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